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Easy Broccoli Cheddar Soup

If you’re like me, I crave a good, hearty soup in the winter time. Usually, I lean toward chicken noodle, but I decided to mix it up and go for some broccoli cheddar. This recipe is easy, quick, delicious, AND freezes beautifully! Serve with some toasted bread, and it is perfection!!

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Here’s what you need:

3-4 large broccoli crowns—chopped

2 carrots—-slice them in half then dice them

2 ribs of celery—again, slice in half lengthwise and dice those bad boys

1 onion—diced (check my tips page for easy dicing)

3 cups chicken stock (about 3/4 a box)

4 tbsp butter, plus a little extra for sautéing

4 tbsp flour

2 cups milk

8oz or more of cheddar cheese—I HIGHLY recommend grating your own off the block, but if you use bagged pre-shredded, stay tuned below.

How to start:

If you have an instapot, set it to sauté. If not, heat a big pot. Add a little butter to your pot. Throw in the onions, and sautés intel tender. Next, add your carrots, celery, and broccoli. Let those veggies sauté for a few more minutes, then add your chicken stock.

Instapot users: at this point, seal your pot and cook at high pressure for 5 minutes. You’re definitely going to want to manually vent after 4 minutes. No instapot? No problem! Bring your broth to a boil and let it ride on med/high heat until your broccoli is tender. Probably around 8-10 mins.

While your broth is cooking: in a small pot, melt your 4tbsp butter. Whisk in your flour one tbsp at a time until it is fully incorporated. Then add your milk, and stir over low/medium heat until it gets thick and creamy. If you’re using bagged cheese go ahead and add it to your milk/sauce mixture, and stir until it’s all melted (YUMMMM).

With your milk/sauce mixture: add it to your pot of veggies and broth—-stir until incorporated.

If you shredded your own cheese add it to your pot now, and stir until it is melted in there.

Let it sit for a few more minutes, then ENJOY!

A few more tips: you can hit it with an immersion blender to smoothen it out. Also, freeze those leftovers! I used a gallon sized ziplock bag!!

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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